James Hardie Brief: To integrate James Hardie's core product and Scyon ranges into a single product catalogue with a refreshed look and feel. Solution: The result is a revitalised design which features white space and focuses on photography. A new branding bar device is used prominently in the design.
Product Overview Cover
Product Overview Spread 1
Product Overview Spread 2
Product Overview Spread 3
Product Overview Spread 4
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Sonic Healthcare Brief: Design 2014 annual report in keeping with previous years, yet with its own individual look. Solution: Sonic is Australia’s largest pathology business and everything they process is barcoded to ensure privacy and avoid error. The barcode graphic from scientific samples was developed and utilised throughout the report on imagery to create a visually appealing and differentiated communication piece.

Sonic Annual Report 2014 Cover
Sonic Annual Report Spread 1
Sonic Annual Report Spread 2

Cancer Institute NSW Brief: To create two educational pieces to promote lung cancer awareness in NSW ― one aimed at the general public and the other at medical professionals. Solution: With a large amount of data to convey, an infographics solution enabled the information to be communicated in an engaging and succinct manner, which inevitably leads to greater comprehension and understanding.

Lung Cancer Spread 1
Lung Cancer Spread 2
Garvan Brief: To conceive and produce a high quality brochure assisting Garvan to secure funding research into prostate bone metastasis. Solution: We highlighted the incredible wealth of research talent and facilities associated with the Garvan by profiling institutes and team members in an editorial style design, utilising key metastasis imagery generated by the team.
Garvan Promis Cover
Garvan Promis Spread 1
Garvan Promis Spread 3

SISC Brief: To refresh the brand with a fresh but corporate look. Solution: A vibrant colour palette was devised to identify the career streams along with contemporary icons and studio photography.

SISC Escans 2014
SISC Infographics
Sydney Cardiology Brief: To create a leave-behind for GPs to give a snapshot of Sydney Cardiology, portraying their clinical excellence to generate patient referrals. Solution: A fold-out poster reveals the information in a clear and concise manner. Black and white photography and limited colour throughout creates a professional, stylish and striking piece.
Sydney Cardiology Leave Behind 1
Sydney Cardiology Leave Behind 2
Sydney Cardiology Leave Behind 3
Shire Brief: Create an engaging design for Gaucher disease information piece. Solution: Key graphic elements were developed from brand guidelines and applied in a dynamic way for a final product that was impactful and very well received.
Shire Gaucher 1
Shire Gaucher 2

ETN Featuring topics like sustainability and infrastructure, this range of sponsored editorial books showcases Australian companies who are leaders in their fields.

IPA Our range of customised publications extend the IPA brand for events and government submissions.

IPA Partnerships

ThinkGrowth Brief: Prepare a standout report of findings from a business survey amongst ASX100 companies. Solution: Each set of responses was analysed and reinterpreted to create visually engaging information graphics that break the mould of standard charts and graphs.

Think Growth

James Hardie Brief: Develop a suite of booklets to position James Hardie at the forefront of building products and to reinforce their promise of ‘A smarter way to build’ Solution: The smarter range of booklets highlight every aspect of what makes James Hardie products superior with in-depth information and language targeted to architects and builders, whilst showcasing environmental characteristics.

Tourism & Transport Forum A tightly branded cross-section of reports and event materials.

Tourism Atlas 1
Major Events Cover
Major Events Spread
Leadership Cover
Leadership Spread 2
TTF 21 Years
TTF 21 Years
TTF 21 Years
TTF HarbourView Front
TTF HarbourView Inside
GC Dental Product brochure range for leading multinational dental manufacturer.
GC Dental Brochures
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Serco Brief: Develop a brochure for new staff joining the organisation to help with familiarisation and to illustrate the employment possibilities within the Serco group. Solution: Large format images were utilised to show the range of locations and opportunities interlaced with company information and a pull-out section showcasing notable employee stories, all supporting the Serco promise of ‘Bringing Service to Life’.

Serco Brochure Cover
Serco Brochure Spread
Serco Brochure Spread