La Famiglia La Famiglia La Famiglia are category leaders in garlic bread and other flavour-based breads in the chilled section of supermarkets. With a wide product base we have developed two broad ranges ― the white pack everyday range and a coloured select range, both featuring variants of our authentic Italian branding device. 'Stonebaked' is a new premium range we have designed. The rich gold and black hues position the product as a premium offering and helps to distinguish from competitor packaging. Colour coding helps differentiation between the different SKUs.

La Famiglia Stone Baked
Stonebaked Breads

Lawson's Traditional Bread Brief: Create a brand and the packaging for the launch of a new range of authentic style breads. Solution: We researched the marketplace thoroughly before creating the name Lawson's and developing the logo and branding. Our packaging solution utilised the heritage branding cues and introduced brown paper packaging to create a feeling of authenticity. The product launch was very successful with Lawsons quickly became a favourite bread brand with consumers, a position it still retains today.

GC Australasia Brief: GC Australasia has been a client for over 10 years. Our brief was to develop sample packs to create interest amongst dentists for the launch of G-aenial Universal Flo ― the world's first full strength injectable composite. Solution: We created premium packaging featuring a black sleeve made from a very tactile stock through which holes were laser cut to allow a large figure 1 to be formed by the metallic gold box lid. These colours were also used for all product collateral. The premium look and feel of the packaging created a lot of interest and trial, and resulted in a highly successful product launch.

GC Packaging
GC Pack Closeup

James Hardie Brief: To create a cohesive set of retail packaging for the wide range of James Hardie accessories. Solution: By making the JH brand the hero of the packaging we created a strongly branded in store presence. The honeycomb pattern and the James Hardie corporate green are very distinctive on shelf and help create a consistent style across the range. A complete set of guidelines with full specifications was developed so that packaging and labelling could be created anywhere.

Accessories Guidelines Front
JH Tub