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Garvan Research Foundation Brief: To create a tiered branding program to recognise Garvan’s partnerships with corporate and philanthropic supporters. Solution: The result is inspired by Garvan’s genomic sequence mapping, with the additional symbolism of parts holistically working together in an eternal circle. Each layer of the logo was then extracted to create the tier branding, emphasising that each contribution works towards the common goal of funding breakthrough medical research. These were then integrated with the Garvan ribbon symbol so that if used alone, Garvan heritage would still be reflected.
Garvan Partnerships Program Logo
Garvan Partnerships Tier Logos
Spatia Brief: To rename and rebrand an existing company, Telco Asset Management, which manages corporate infrastructure through strategic advice, project delivery and managed services to a range of clients. Solution: The name we chose, ‘Spatia’, indicates that the space, or workplace, is at the centre of what the company offers. Their contemporary, no-fuss approach is reflected in the typography and photography throughout the identity and collateral. The balloon, which represents reaching higher and positivity, also becomes a speech bubble dialogue device throughout all media.
Spatia Logo
Spatia Mailer
Spatia Mailer

La Famiglia Brief: Refresh an outdated logo without losing brand heritage and authenticity cues. Solution: New family image, stronger Italian theming and a ribbon device features across all packaging as a recognisable branding element on shelf. See packaging for more La Famiglia.

LaFamiglia Logo

Lawson's Brief: Brand creation for a new traditional style bread range. Solution: Naming and classic typography draws on iconic Australian heritage and the logo conveys a feeling of traditional, artisan style bread. Lawsons has quickly established itself as a premium brand in the traditional bread category. See packaging for more Lawson's.

Lawsons Logo
Service Skills Australia Brief: Name and design an identity for a new initiative that aims to improve the capability and capacity of the workforce, in conjunction with the Tourism and Hospitality Industry and the Australian Government. Solution: Our identity utilises the vibrant Service Skills Australia colour palette and introduces the blocked arrow element, reflecting the collaboration that aims for a better workforce future.
Workforce Futures Logo
Workplace Futures
Sydney Cardiology Brief: Refresh and modernise the company’s logo and branding Solution: Sydney Cardiology is a highly professional organisation operating from several practices across Sydney. The old logo looked dated and so we set about keeping its intrinsic heart shape, but making it look much more contemporary and vibrant as befitted the organisation. Everything was kept very simple and stylish with small touches making a difference, like the rounded corners on business cards demonstrating a softer, more caring approach.
SC Logo
SC Logo Guidelines
SC Stationary
SC Brochure Spread
SC Brochure Macro
One Mandate Media Brief: To create a type only solution for publishing company One Mandate Media. Solution: Classic ITC Caslon typeface creates a strong professional look paying homage to the elegance of type on a page.
One Mandate Logo

Silex Solar Brief: Develop an identity that communicates the core business of Silex System's solar panel manufacturing facility. Solution: A bold icon and panel-inspired pattern was designed for use across all stationery, shown here in spot UV on the business card.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Brief:To create an identity and stationery suite for a small group of leading Cardiothoracic surgeons. Solution: The overall icon created reflects the shape of a heart, while the two sections that form it are the lungs. The use of blue and red reinforces the idea of 'heart and lungs'. Stationery created is simple, stylish and contemporary.
CS Logo
CS Stationery

Sydney Eye Specialist Centre Brief: Create a logo that avoids stereotypical imagery of an eye that is common amongst competitors. Solution: Hues of various eye colours were applied in a design that hints a scientific reference to eyes.

ANZUP Brief: Design a new identity that positions ANZUP's Clinical Trials Group at the forefront of cancer trials amongst the medical fraternity. Solution: Customised type, subdued palette and a geometric mark creates interest and conveys knowledge and trust.

WEC Brief: Create a unique identity and talking point for a consultancy firm focused on environmental sustainability. Solution: An environmental footprint device with topographic lines and bright palette breaks with conventional ideas of being 'green' for enhanced stand out in a cluttered marketplace.

The Heart Care Centre Brief:To create an identity for a group of cardiologists and cardiac and vascular surgeons, who provide a clinical care stream for all related conditions based at Macquarie University Hospital. Solution: The identity communicates a brand personality that stems from tradition, while being innovative and forward-thinking. The traditional typeface used is juxtaposed with the small playful heart icon and is enhanced by the all lower-case lettering.
HCC Logo