Silex Solar Brief: Develop an identity that communicates the core business of Silex System’s solar panel manufacturing facility. Solution: A bold icon and panel-inspired pattern was designed for use across all stationery, shown here in spot UV on the business card.

Sydney Eye Specialist Centre Brief: Create a logo that avoids stereotypical imagery of an eye that is common amongst competitors. Solution: Hues of various eye colours were applied in a design that hints a scientific reference to eyes.

ANZUP Brief: Design a new identity that positions ANZUP’s Clinical Trials Group at the forefront of cancer trials amongst the medical fraternity. Solution: Customised type, subdued palette and a geometric mark conveys knowledge and trust.

WEC Brief: Create a unique identity and talking point for a consultancy firm focused on environmental sustainability. Solution: An environmental footprint device with topographic lines and bright palette breaks with conventional ideas of being 'green'.

La Famiglia Brief: Refresh an outdated logo without losing brand heritage and authenticity cues. Solution: New family image, stronger Italian theming and a ribbon device features across all packaging as a recognisable branding element on shelf. See packaging for more La Famiglia.

Lawson's Brief: Brand creation for a new traditional style bread range. Solution: Naming and classic typography draws on iconic Australian heritage. See packaging for more Lawson's.

Go Grains Brief: Create an iconic logo for an industry association that promotes the benefits of grain-based foods. Solution: A bright blue and gold identity for industry and consumer appeal, paired with a consumer-focused 4+ serves mnemonic device.

Country Life Bakery Brief: Refresh a renowned health-oriented bread brand. Solution: Logo updated to shift focus from old farmhouse to agricultural cues of wholesomeness and goodness. See packaging for more Country Life Bakery.